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Welcome to iphonerepairqatar.wordpress.comWe are specialized in iPhone 4 ,4s , 5 , 5s and iPhone 6 6Plus repairs

iphonerepairqatar.word press.com is one of the  independent suppliers and repairers of iPhone parts, iPod parts and ipad parts in Qatar

We are replacing original spare parts for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 iPhone 4S . With direct source from factory, we are confident that all products are the most competitively priced and highest quality.
Unlike most shops in qatar we have large quantities of stock, We gurantee you that we will provide you the service for the lowest price in qatar
Our mission is to supply the most competitively priced parts and our  best service to our customers.

We provide a 90 days warranty on ALL of our repairs. (both parts and labor) Please contact us and we will take care of your problem free of cost! in most of the shops they will provide you with a 15 days warranty only

I Guarantee to have the HIGHEST quality repairs at the lowest prices + all of our repairs carry a 90 day warranty

Contact us on following number for any kind of repair or leave us a comment we will reply you

+974 – 336-22869


  1. Harris says:


    I have an iphone 3GS 32GB and i want ask you if you can open it and cleanit from the dust, tobbaco and i don’t know what else can be inside.

    If you can do this can you please me tell me your location in order to visit you,

    Thank you,

  2. yasir says:

    hai i hav 2 3gs phone for one need the battery and jailbreak .2nd one lcd connector damaged on the main board..is it possible u to repair plz let me know ur location in qatar.

  3. Ali zeineddine says:

    i want to ask u i have iphone 3gs and he fall down in the water can u repair it.

    If you can do this can u me tell.

  4. wchah says:

    hi, how much to repair 3gs would not charge anymore, this happened after I clean the charging port with brush.

  5. Devaraj Ayyappan says:

    My Iphone phone4 speaker is not working… i.e If I make a call opposite can listen and i can’t listen thier voice… Is it possible to fix this problem…

  6. nomvula says:

    i have a iphone 3gs 32GB ad it blocked because i installed a new version
    the phone is from AMERIICA
    plz unblock it for me

  7. Anand says:

    Hai Friend ,
    Its really happy to see your add here, I have an Iphone 3gs.
    I want to replace the housing of my phone, that is completely broken ,
    Can you Do that ,?
    Where is your location in Qatar ?
    How can I come to you..?

  8. silvano says:

    where are you allocated in Qatar and can you fix my iphone 4 broken glass at how much

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      Yeah we can we are located in Doha Jadeedh…. and give me a call i will describe how to find me

      • silvano says:

        Can you please give me your phone number both land line and mobile,and mine is made by us assembled in China can you make it its a broken glass front.

      • iphonerepairqatar says:

        i allready sent you a mail with my details … .please check your mailbox

      • Aasish says:

        Hi I want to know the price of iPhone genious Battery price and I want to change it, I am near Jeddah tower, how can I meet you??

  9. mark says:

    hi i have an iphone 4. my mistake had it upgraded to ios 5 but then totally forgot my iphone is locked to at&t but i have been using it thru gevey sim. by now the iphone has been restored to factory settings and i haven’t been using it. could you guys have some advice and if you could downgrade it from ios4.3.5 to 4.3.3 or lower so that it would be untethered again just like before? thanks and hopefully you will reply with my query.

  10. sajith says:

    Hi dear friend ,

    I cannot restore my iphone 3g. whenever i tried to restore it showing an error (1015) . can you fix the problem.

  11. mark says:

    hi there my friend!
    how are you? any news about the unlcok for ios 5 with BB 04.11.08? thanks and please update me if there is any.

  12. faizal says:


  13. marie says:

    hi, its really a relief to find your shop online,.. i have iphone 3gs, unfortunately it fell down and the display glass was broken, can u changed the display glass for me? may i know the exact location of your shop in doha and the shop hours ’cause im presently residing in alkhor…i wanna also know how much it will cost me… thank you so much!!

  14. siby says:

    where is ur service center location

  15. Imran Haider says:

    Dear Sir,I have Iphone3g 16GB..I want to replace my cell battery . where i have 2 come.?

    Imran Haider

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      i already sent you a mail. please check, if you want more specific info of the location give me a call

  16. syed althaf says:

    i have iphone 3g, got struck, please do send ur locaton details.

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      i will send you a mail with exact location details

      • Harishkumar says:

        I have Iphone 3G where the WiFi is not working?
        Can it be repaired ( IF hardware problem ? ) ?
        Send me your location and when/where to meet you.

  17. Harishkumar says:

    I had requested if my Iphone 3G WiFi hardware can be repaired or not ?
    Can you send me your location ? Phone ?

  18. Omer says:

    Hi, my iphone 3G fell don and now it has white lines appearing on the display. Phone is working though. Please let me know what that is? what part of the phone is damaged? is it LCD or digitizer? Can I get that fixed? thanks

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      Yeah it can be fixed. That’s a prob with LCD but some times it might happen because of loosen connecter. I want to check the phone first. Please give me a call and meet me I will fix it for you.

  19. riswan says:

    i have iphone that use with gevey sim you can do use whithout gevey

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      Gevey is the only option for the time being for iphone 4 BB 2.10 ,3.10, 4.10. for the time being. stick with it if there’s any other solution i will post here.

  20. farao69 says:

    Hello my friend,

    Can you send me your exact location ?
    I will need your services for two things:

    a. i have an iPhone 4 and a week ago It fall in to the water, i kept it dry as much as i could and now it’s switching on but the apple logo is flashing every 5 seconds.
    I can put in DFU mode but it’s asking for restore. The problem is that i didn’t take a backup before and i don’t want ot lose my data.
    Is there any chance to manage to take a backup before the restore?

    b. i also have an iPhone 3gs but i think there is a problem with the speak and also needs cleaning internally. In case the speaker is damaged can you replace it ?

    Thank you,

  21. riswan says:

    my iphone 4 home buton some time not work double click some time not work
    where is your location

  22. mark lawrence says:

    my ipod touch’s screen is cracked/broken can u still fix it? and if yes for how much? please tell me ur address and location toget my ipod 4 fix 😀

  23. yash tamang says:

    hi i have a iphone 4g and my friend brought from isreal and when i am brought in doha i cant able to use my phone there is erro” sim is not valid” after that i connect to the itones and by mistake i upadate ios5. after instaling ios5 my phone is properly not working. its showing to configure only even i cant able to use other application.. so please kindly advice me what i have to do now…even one time i went to one mobile repair shop and the told me that they haven’t software for that … so i am waiting your kind adivce…{yash_tamang@yahoo.com}

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      i think you have to activate your phone in order to use applications .. but i don’t think you can unlock the phone to work with local sim card for the time being.
      if you can visit me i will be able to activate your phone so that you can use applications ..(but no unlock)

      • yash tamang says:

        thank you very much for your reply…. so i can use my phone as a ipod then i will visit to your shop. can you send me by mail the location and you phone no. so i can go there.
        thak you….{yash_tamang@yahoo.com} waiting your information..

  24. RET says:


    my iphone4 home button some time works but some time not work how can i solve this issue pls tell me

  25. lovelyyash999@gmail.com says:

    Dear sir,    Regarding the activation of iphone 4G with upgrade IOS 5.1 . After upgrading IOS5.1 my phone is currently unable to use even other application always showing the configure when I slide and this phone buy from israel and I I refer to iPhone service City Centre Doha for unlock the carrier but they inform me that no any software release for carrier unlock for 4G. So now I want ask you the I can able to use my phone as a iPod ? There is any solution for use other application without unlock carrier? AND Other thing I am useing my phone as a IPOD BEFORE UPGRADE IOS 5.1 & 5.0.1. So I am waiting for your kind information.

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      it can be use as a ipod . it requires a activation … if you have a sim card of the locked carrier insert the sim in to phone and activate it .. if you dont have any idea of which country carrier the phone blocked to please visit me .. i will activate it for you

  26. s says:

    my iphone dropped in the water- want to see if you would be able to repair it-kindly send me your address and phone asap-thanks

  27. Ron says:

    The glass of the front panel got broken but the display is still fine…will u be able to replace the front glass panel alone?

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      Please specify generation(modal) of the iPhone u have. And It can be replaced unless it is first generation.

  28. Siraj says:

    Hi there,
    I am not able to install facebook skype only the rest is getting installed to my iphone 3g, could you please tell me what could be the problem.

  29. maria lorena cuneta says:

    good noon iphonerepairqatar! i just want to ask about an iphone4. is there a replacement at the back housing and how much it will cost? thank you and more power

  30. Prak says:

    Hi!… My iPhone 4 is working fine, speakers, mic, sensor, camera, etc… is ok… when I make a call in skype everything is fine, i can hear everything and they can hear me just perfect, even in a videocall with speaker or headphones it’s ok… But the problem is when I’m making or receiving a phone call, I can’t hear and they can’t hear me. speaker, mic, everything is working fine in apps, iTunes… record normal video, music and video playback with normal audio, using headphones, speaker or Bluetooth is ok in apps and iTunes… the problem is only with phone calls, phone audio is not working… incoming call phone rings perfect, outgoing call going well until the call is answered, no audio during phone calls, sending sms, Internet, wifi, everything is ok but there is not audio during calls… Please can u do something on this issue or any advice?

  31. Princess says:

    I have iPhone 4s my speaker isn’t Wrkin.. I bought it frm dxb… Can u send me ur location..I have de warranty too..

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      yeah it can be replaced.. but i have to check it first before i do a repair. but if you have warrenty try with the place you bought the phone

  32. Rupesh says:

    hi, i have iPhone 3GS 32GB. it keeps shutting down often, even if the battery is fully charged. i cannot switch ON the phone without conecting the power. please let me know what’s the probable problem.

  33. Doris Stanzer says:

    Hi there!

    I have an iphone 4S which keeps rebooting constantly. Can u help me?

  34. jay says:

    u can unlock baseband 4.11.08?

  35. noushad says:

    hello. my i phone backside cover is broken .so now it not working .please inform me the correct location in doha.

  36. Karthikeyan says:

    Hi I have iPad 2 and front glass got damage.it’s possible to replace .
    How much the cost for that

  37. socorro says:

    where is your shop? how much you charge to unlocked i phone 4s. hope you won’t mind if I ask also your nationality.

  38. Anoop says:

    hello please give me your address to reach you for repair, I phone not able restore error code 1611…please reply

  39. Emily says:

    Can you please send me an email of your exact location? Thank you 🙂

  40. ratnin says:

    hi my home button is not working in ipod touch, ca u fix it,what is your charge and location with map

  41. ko-is says:

    hi…i have an iphone 3G with home button problem and needs to upgrade OS..can you send me your location..tnx..

  42. Mohammed Asharaf says:

    I have I phone 3Gs i think battery problem you can cahnge ? were your location plese send to me mail
    Thanks regards

  43. Sunil says:

    I have Iphone 4 with version 5.1.1( 9B206, with Modem Firm ware 04.12.01, its a jilbreak but needs to unlock the sim, ia am holding a vodafone sim card

    is it possible to unlock it & can be used in qatar

    Please advice

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      sorry sir,
      for the time being you cant unlock the phone to work with another sim card.(it cannot be unlocked)


  44. Ryan says:

    the screen show only need to insert sim carrier to activate the phone i’ve tried to used other sim but it doesn’t work..if you guys can fix this how much is it, and then want to replace the lcd because its broke..how much also your LCD..

  45. Sunil says:

    Any Updates for Iphone 4 to unlock the sim

  46. mohamed nasser elnaghy says:

    i want to know do u open in due saturtdays

  47. Rizwan says:


    I wants to replace my iphone 3gs battery since it has become weak i think. I spoke to you on your cell number. Can u please tell me when you can do at earliest since you told me it will take 6 days. My cell number is 66405276

  48. Ahmad says:

    Hello..I’m living in qatar matar qadeem (old airport) and I was try to find a shop for selling a parts of LCD iPhone 3G.(full pack glass,digitizer,home button, and LCD) how much is price..? i need that as soon as posible..

  49. Arbaz says:

    hey hi i have a iphone 3GS 32GB white
    i need to change its glass and LCD
    where is your location ?
    waiting for your reply

  50. dao says:

    I just wanted to say that your services are excellent. I was unsure at first but after seeing what you did, I can say that you know what you’re doing. I had my iPhone’s screen broken replaced. Good work! Just a small suggestion. Direction to your place is not very clear via email. Besides the map, perhaps there should be a detail direction, suite #, and closed by landmarks, etc.

  51. Beanery says:

    Hi can you fix my iphone4? Screen problem. Im trying to call you but your unattended. Please send me your contact details. Thank you

  52. Khal amin says:

    Please i want to change the screen of my ipad 2 how much prise ? thanks

  53. Niko says:

    I’ve bought iPhone 4S 32 GB i Abu-Dhabi Medina shopping center on 3rd of July 2012.
    Screen has become wite collor. Where can I aproach you to make repair job and will it be cowered by waranty?

  54. MIRZ MISAM ABBAS says:

    hi i iphone 4s. i just took 700 photos thats it… no downloads, nothing.
    any my usage is showing 13.6 used…. for 700 photos how it take 13.6 gb…

    kindly solve this issue i cannot take more photos due to no gb usage left

  55. hari says:

    Hi,i have i phone3g ,my self i try to update my mobile then i restore program them my i phone is totally blank i check with computer program its recovery mood so can i repair my phone same previous condition,if possible where i have to come tell me the time, thnx

  56. hari says:

    Hello sir
    , I upgraded my iPhone 3G to 4.2.1 firmware version, unlocked it. Everything working fine but I am not able to install Skype. It requires 4.3 firmware version. This newer version came up today. How to install older version of Skype and where I can get it? I have Windows 7, if it will help some way.
    Please, help.

  57. Nicki says:

    If u dont take ipod repairs, cud u replace it from my second ipod to first… The first was sunk in the washing machine, so now it isnt working… So cud u take the glass from it and keep in my 1st ipod touch…. Please reply

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      sorry for the delay. and i will do that. but make sure the old ipad’s screen is working fine without any problem.

  58. Aamir Najeeb says:

    I have lost my all contact nos from tango.pls help me how to reinstall them.
    I have iPhone 4 s which I bought 3 months ago.
    Aamir najeeb

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      Tango is a application .. its not related to the phone. and i have no knowledge about tango application.. sorry

  59. Samantha Tarling says:

    Hi, I have sent you an email (sam_ft18@hotmail.com) my iPhone 4 is water damaged, please can you send me your location. It would be great if you could fix it. Many thanks Sam.

  60. Indra says:

    I have sprint Iphone 4s is it possible to unlocked this phone in doha

  61. jun says:

    hi sir i have iphon 4s came from japan. when i insert sim card. the sim card was not identified pls help me this problem how i use this here in qatar.
    thank you..

    best regard

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      it can be replaced.. contact me and have a visit.. i will repair that for you

  62. ASHFAQUE KHAN says:


  63. Deep says:

    My iPod touch 4g has a cracked glass. It worlds perfectly fine but the glass is badly broken
    Will you fix it PLEASE? it’s urgent!!!
    How much will it cost??

  64. yohanes says:


    I have a problem with my Iphone 3GS, the inlet speaker is not working, so if i used to call to my colleague, they can not hear my voice. Can you repair my speaker and fix it ? and where is the location ?

    best regard’s

  65. stanley labor says:

    hi i have problem with my cellphone.. i bought it from my freind. he had it from philippines, now i am trying to put vodafone or q-tel sim but it doesn’t accepting it.. maybe the mobile is lock for philippine sim only?…. please reply me on my e-mail laborstanley@yahoo.com. i need advice maybe you can make my cellphone work.. thanks and regards

  66. Dymphna Nolan says:

    Do you fix ipads? i had my ipad switched off and when i turned it on the screen was red and the colours seems to be all mixed up when it opens.. any way to fix it?

  67. Nishi says:

    My iPod fell nd broke in the right corner of the screen… It’s still perfectly working. But the glass is shattered. I hav the spare part with me. I bought it online. I also hav the tools. Can u plz fix it for me??

  68. Joe says:

    Hi my i phone had a water damage, can you fix it?

  69. Ross says:

    I have an Iphone 3G which the phone easily drain the batterry. Can you fix this & Where can I reach you here Doha?

    Thank in advance.

  70. Suresh Kumar rai says:

    Iphone3gs is my phone with 4.1.
    Is there any option to upgrade to
    4.3. And more high version?

  71. Rakesh says:

    do u have any second hand mobile in Iphone and what is the rate

  72. karan lama says:

    i have to iphone 3gs not warking & no yet chager

  73. Shameer says:

    Hi.. I bought an iphone in UK and the service provider is Orange. I need to unlock the phone. will you do it for me?

  74. max says:

    please send shop location from apple map!

  75. ashok says:

    hi, Unable to Activate My iPhone 3gs after update to ios 6.0.1 can u fix it and how much will be charged.

  76. Saoud says:

    Hello my iPod 4 fell in the water and the lock and the volume buttons doesn’t work

  77. jas says:

    Hi Sir, I’m having problem with my ipad 2 (WIFI) in restoring. It always giving me an error. Are you also doing services on that and how much would it cost . Thank you.

  78. Denil R Stanly says:

    Dear sir,
    my iphone 4 glass is cracked….could u fix it for me???

  79. Sahayam says:

    Hello this is sahayam from Doha.
    I have one iPhone 4
    But the centre button is not working.
    Can u repaire it?
    Send me email the details.

  80. Ajie says:

    Hi my 4s is not ringing i think its the speaker under is the problem how much it will cost to be repaired? Thank you. .

  81. Rahat says:

    I have iphone 5 and its home key is not working and auto voice control activated.

  82. Anup says:

    Would like to know if you do the factory unlocking for iphone 5 with IOS 6.0.1
    If so that would be a great job..Contact me on 33260034 or vargheseanup@hotmail.com
    If yes do drop in ur location as well.

  83. bala says:

    I has an iPhone 4GS 16GB. yesterday its fall down from my table,after that its always have no network signal and also its always display like network searching then no service.

    If you can repair and clear this problem then can you please me tell your location in order to visit & also sent me the repair cost.

  84. Rachel says:

    Hello and Good Day. My iphone 4 keeps blinking. please help me.. thanks a lot

  85. Rachel says:

    hello again, My iphone 4 is kinda blinking.. Do I need to restore it thru itunes? Please help me.. thanks a lot…

  86. Sharan Naik says:

    The lock/sleep button of my iPod Touch 4G is Jammed/Broken.
    Could you fix it?
    How much would it cost and how long will it take?

  87. Nabarun says:

    you guys are doing battary replacement for iphone 2g 8gb?????

  88. James says:

    I called you today to see if you can fix the glass on a ipod model A1421



  89. john says:

    Can u unlock iphone5? Where is your location, another, can u change the front and back cover of iphone 4s to a new one and how much? Thanks in advance.

  90. john says:

    Do you have an iphone 4s 32/ 64 GB? And how much? What are the accessories included and what is the physical condition of the phone? Thanks!:)

  91. jasmine malik says:

    Hi, can you repair an ipone 4s screen? Mine got quite shattered after it fell from the 2nd floor. The glass still holds together, but, its cracked very badly. Do you think its possible to replace it? and how much will it cost?

  92. MARC says:

    Hi my IPAD screen is broken. How much will it cost to repair it…please reply asap

  93. irshad says:

    My iphone 4 does not making sound when playing in loud speaker mode during music play back, how ever the phone ringtone is coming…but it is playing music only via headphone…no skype or viber ringtone either…even volume controls are disabled….any suggestions or help from you will be greatly apprecieted.

  94. omaralsaidi says:

    what should i do when i get the recovery mode on my iphone 4s

  95. cez orbista says:

    Hi, my iphone is having problem when I’m calling or someone is calling I can’t hear on the other line and vice versa if it is regular call. But if it is using Viber, Yahoo calling it is working just fine. Let me know your thoughts on this. Send me an email and your contact number as well. Thanks

  96. hassan says:

    i have problem with my iphone4 front camera. its not properly work. when i switch it on the camera will stuck. sometimes its work. can you give me the solution & how much would be the repair cost?

    Thanks & Kind regards

  97. jose says:

    i want to replace my iphone 4s screen . how much the cost for it?

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      The OEM screen will cost you 350 with the service and high copy screens from china will cost you 200

  98. Johnny says:


    I have an iPhone 4 and I fell it. The back glass was seriously broken. How much is the repair and where exactly are you located?

    Thank you.

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    I truly appreciate your way of blogging. I saved as a favorite it to
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  100. Joi Micx says:

    hi i have iphone 4s i fell it down and its not working anymore, but the screen has been colr blue light, what damage is that? can you fixed my iphone….

  101. Adel says:

    Hi i have iphone 4s i think battery is dying faster than before even if not using gps or other services!!!! I dunno if i need a new battery?

  102. Charlotte says:

    Ipod touch 4g screen if broken. How much for repairs?

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      OEM will cost you 300 and Chinese high copy will cost you around 175 and I sent you a mail with details

  103. Nibu says:

    Recently i have purchased iphone 4s – 8gb from Jarir Book Stall (before 3 months), i think one speaker (left side – down) volume is very less compare to other. Please advice whether any problem or

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      Hi, iPhone usually comes with one speaker, It means right side the other side is for mic so you will not get any sound out of it, so cheers. You dont have any problems with your phone.

  104. aline says:

    hi, i would like to ask how much will be the charge for factory unlock for my iphone 4? thanks..

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      Hi, which carrier your phone is locked to, Please let me know i will give you a price quote for unlocking the device

  105. najimudeen says:

    sir.. i have to iphone 4s need to exchange iphone 5 can i posible to ur shop.. if there have call me my mobile 77054724

  106. siraj says:

    My iphone 4s wifi greyed off and not able to use wifi since I upgraded to ios 7, is there any solution for this ?it was fine untill I upgrade it to ios 7

  107. zahoor ahmed syed says:

    Hi All,

    I have iphone 3gs which got locked and deactivated due to i upgraded from 5.1 to 6.1.3 from iTunes.

    Let me know if you can repair it….my no is 70646210.


    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      Hi, please specify which network its locked to. and we have to unlock it inorder to activate it with ooredoo , or vodafone sim card

  108. Zubair says:


    My iPhone 4g fall down yesterday and now its not working I tried to open it but couldn’t . I want to repair it can I come tomorrow after to ur showroom to repair it .

  109. Arham says:

    Well i got an ipad 4 here..and the problem is when i was using it..it went off all of a sudden,and didn’t come back on.Could you fix it? And may i know ur location.

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      HI, Try reseting the phone ( Press power button and the home button together for around 15 seconds)

  110. Joseph says:

    my iphone 4 was accidentally drop and the front glass was broken, can you fic it and how much is the charge for parts and service.

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      Hi Joseph,
      It can be repaired. i will forward you a email with more details.

  111. anisha says:

    I dropped my phone and now it does not turn on. Could you give me your location? And the working hours of your store?

  112. Ansa says:

    Hi, my iPhone 4s has grey out the option of wifi. I can’t connect in any wireless connection. Can you repair such a defect?

  113. bibek says:

    i have iphone 5 that one lock so what can i do you have any ide

  114. Fareed says:

    Hello can you unlock IPhone 4s which was on EE network in UK? If so how much you charge? Many thanks

  115. khalid says:

    i have a white ipod classic 32g and i need a new back for it and a new screen can u fix it and how much would it cost

  116. asifimam says:

    hello sir i have apple iphone5 16GB i keep mobile in front my car know my mobile not going to start know what can i do my mobile same like death,,,,

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      try to hard reset the phone. ( Press the power button and the home button together for around 20 seconds.. hope it will work

  117. Faruk Omur says:

    I hv Apple I phone 5 16GB suddenly it’s get switch off.I change battery still same. technician said I hv to change motherboard.
    Please tell me how much cost will be to change the motherboard.

    • Faruk Omur says:

      How long I hv to wait …..

      • iphonerepairqatar says:

        Mother board (logic boards) not available in the market for sale. And. You can get some phones with heavy physical damage but with working logic boards cheap

  118. Nathan says:

    Hey just cracked the screen on my iPhone 5s. Wondering how long and how much it will cost to repair the screen?

  119. Bash says:

    Hey how’s it going
    I wanna get my battery changed because it’s taking to long to charge and it drains too fast please email me and tell me how much is it for a new original battery
    Your regards bash

  120. Ankit says:

    I have a Iphone5S. I just realised that for the past 2-3 days I am not able to receive any calls/message on the phone. Although I can call and message without any problem. Have you encountered any such problem earlier. Can it be fixed?

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      Please check your date and time on the phone. If it is not correct correct it and restart. Hope this will solve the issue

  121. Vitus says:

    Hey My phone 5s just go blind a while ago, please what will be the possible cause. hence, no sign of charging when plugged on light neither does it ON as well.
    best regards

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      Press the power button and the home button for around 20 seconds. Hope it will work

  122. Vishal says:

    My iPhone 5 switch is having some problem. I checked with Apple and my phone is eligible for switch replacement. Can this be done at ur service center?

  123. Sufyan says:

    Thanks Buddy… You solved my problem.. others were saying to replace the speaker whereas you found it’s just a net blocked. Thanks

  124. kutla says:

    got my iphone blue screen repaired. trusted. and profesional.

  125. Gregory says:

    Hello how can I contect you?

  126. I have a iPhone 5s a can’t activate.old owner not giving the Apple id and password. Can fix it?

    Pls email me.tnx

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      If the owner doesn’t want to give his Apple ID and password ask him to login to http://www.icloud.com on a computer and in the devices menu inform him to select the phone and remove from him account. That’s the only possibility for the time being to re activate your phone


  127. Nicole says:

    Hi, Do you do Iphone 5 buffing? As in removing scratches? Thanks

  128. nidhin says:

    My iphone 4s glass is broken.kindly let me know the cost for replacing the glass.Also let me know ur location.

    • iphonerepairqatar says:

      It can be replaced. The total cost for the repair will be 200 for the original part with 90 days replacement warrenty. I will drop you a email with location details

  129. robert says:

    im from industrial area where is your location?i want my iphone service and repair the scratches at the side of my iphone5… thanks

  130. robert says:

    im from industrial area iwant my iphone5 for service and repair the some scratches at the side of my phone..may i know where is yout location?… thank you very much

  131. Ali says:

    Hi, I have a mini Ipad and the home button its not working some times, you will be able to fix it and how much it will coast ?

  132. Jhunel says:

    Good day to all, i just want to ask where is the address of this shop? I want to change the battery of my iphone 5… How much is the price and labor?

  133. leonboni says:

    I was backig up my iphone 5s and it went off and later every time I try to switch on, it only showing apple logo n thn the screen goes black.
    How can u help me??

  134. Christopher says:

    i have a iphone 4 and front glass and back glass broken …can you tell me how much for repair it and your mobile number ..

  135. mario lopez mangalili says:

    Gud day sir/mam! Kindly please help me out. I had my iPhone 5 hanged. all I did was. restore it to factory settings and then an hours past by all apears is an apple logo. is that the way it is? Please help me out. kindly include prices if it’s need your professional service.


  136. Mario says:

    admin, still haven’t email reply on my complaint.

  137. Jobin says:

    Do you have iphone 6 front glass
    i want to replace it

  138. Jaypee says:

    Hi i have an iphone 4s which the wifi greyed, how much it cost to repair it.

  139. Rohit says:

    Whats the cost of i phone 4s back pannel.??

  140. Rohit says:

    Whats the cost of i phone 4s back pannel.?? And if there would be any additional charges for the replacement.

  141. Sadathhasan says:

    Send me your clear address I want to show my I phone

  142. ramel says:

    how for lcd replacement for ipod 4th gen

  143. r says:

    i see comments are very old.. u guys still in the business?

  144. Kerry says:

    Hi there,
    I would like to replace my iphone 4s screen. Please can you provide me with a quote.

    Many thanks

  145. Anser says:

    How much is I phone 5 display cost??

  146. Jatin Tewari says:

    Hi, I want to repair my I phone 6 screen, Where r u located and what will be the cost of changing the screen?

  147. mohammad says:

    sr i have iphone 6 motherboard problem can u repair

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